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LMG Manufacturing GmbH – tailor-made quality from Saxony-Anhalt.

We are your strong partner in the need based production and processing of aluminum die-cast parts for combustion engines and electromobility. With our location in Saxony-Anhalt, we offer sustainable and optimized delivery capability in the heart of Germany.

  Sustainable precision work

Our modern manufacturing processes and the many years of know-how of our employees are the catalyst for meeting the highest levels of requirements for your precision components. With our quality standards and solid, scalable logistics management, we are a reliable partner for your production – from start to finish.

Our Capabilities

Two Platen HPDC Machines From Buhler, Switzerland

Two platen technology facilitates automatic strain gauging and setting on individual tie bars.

  • Auto dozing: Metering exact quantity of molten metal and pouring into the shot sleeve.
  • Closed loop controls: The set parameters of die casting are compared with actual shot parameters on continuous basis.
  • Robotic extraction: Combination grippers are employed for placing inserts, liners in the die and extraction of hot castings from the die.
  • Auto sprayer: Dedicated spray heads for spraying metered quantities of die coat and compressed air on the set and intricate locations on the die
On line Trimming
Hitech trim tools are employed for degating and deflashing the hot castings on line by placing and removing the castings from the trim press which is interfaced with die casting machine.
Vacuum assisted Die Casting
Fondarex, Switzerland make vacuum die casting equipment is used to suck air from the die before taking a shot to avoid air entrapment in the casting so as to produce sound casting without porosity.
Thermal Mapping Of Die
Flir, USA make thermal imaging camera is used to take a thermal image of the die to assess the temperature on the die surface. These pictures are used to set the auto spraying unit to achieve uniform temperature on the die surface.
Heating Cooling Units For Thermal Stabilization Of Die
Regloplas, Switzerland make Micro-processor controlled Heating Cooling Units are employed for soft heating, cooling of Die Casting Dies for maintaining thermal stability.
Jet Cooling
Micro-processor controlled jet cooling equipment is used to cool the core pins so as to reduce the soldering on the core pins and reduce shrinkage porosity in the core holes.
Use of smart dies with data acquisition sensors to capture the die casting parameters data and store the same in the cloud. LMG is pursuing to carry out analysis of data by use of AI for auto correction of the process parameters for quality improvement.
For flow and solidification analysis and thermal analysis on fem based software, LMG has access to this capability from its parent company, Jaya Hind Industries Private Limited, in india.
Fem based simulation software from procast for flow analysis and solidification analysis for optimizing design of runners and gates and cooling lines of the die casting dies. The software facilitates prediction of casting defects through simulation results so as to optimize the casting process to improve the yield.

LMG has a number of hitech cnc machines from chiron, brother etc for machining complex die cast parts with automatic loading and unloading with the help of robots.

With modern measuring and X Ray systems, quality of parts is guaranteed.

LMG has constructed a new plant facility named i-Force. This facility will be dedicated to following the below processes to produce parts and sub-assemblies for BMW electro-mobility specifically for Gen-5 & Gen-6 range of vehicles.
  • Die Casting
  • On line X Ray
  • Heat Treatment
  • Vibro finishing
  • CNC Machining
  • High Pressure washing
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Liquid Sealant Dispensing
  • Press fitting
  • Laser Marking
  • Inspection

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